One should never go unprepared in terms of armament. This goes for one’s space ship, one’s own mind and one’s own body as well. Concerning the departure itself, one knows more or less everything about it, since it was carefully prepared. But what is to be expected ahead, either flat or deep, is yet unknown. This Odyssey is neither chosen nor wanted, it’s not even inflicted. There it stands, unavoidable, like a pure evidence.
To find one’s bearings through the Galerie Maisonneuve is an attempt, an attempt to structure the odyssey, but simultaneously an attempt to distort it, melt oneself in it — in short : to recognize it.
One might get a shot in one’s arm, swallow a piece of blotting paper, have a snuff of snow, chew some grass. All these have already been tried, and one knows by heart these paths which have one day turned to marble.
It will rather partake of a memory, of a nostalgia, of an existence lived by proxy, of a road opening onto several labyrinths, of the victory of schizophrenia over reality. In short, it will partake of the contradiction which consists in describing the world as seen from inside this very world.
10 chapters or stations.
There will be 10 chapters or stations — may be more, may be less — but they will appear in succession, according to an order alien to chronology or the generally admitted notion of time.”
Mathieu Briand, December 2006

In French

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Epilogue : The Last Room

Cosmos: en busca de los orígenes. De Kupka a Kubrick, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España, February 2008

CHAPTER VI, An Other Interpretation

Art Unlimited, Art 38 Basel, Switzerland, June 2007


Sensorium, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Boston USA, February 2007


Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, December 2007


Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, December 2007

CHAPTER X, Ubïquity

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, November 2007

CHAPTER IX, Perspective in Space

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, November 2007

CHAPTER VIII, Shadows and triangle

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, October 2007

CHAPTER VII, Space Ship & Cave

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, September 2007

CHAPTER V, The Network Island

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, June 2007

CHAPTER IV, Did you ever want to be someone else?

performance in collaboration with Prue Lang Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, May 2007

CHAPTER III, Half-life/Infra-monde

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, April 2007

CHAPTER II, La psychotière

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, March 2007

CHAPTER I, A Space Perspective

Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, February 2007


Gallery Maisonneuve, Paris, January 2007


Red Cat Theater, Los Angeles, April 2006