Nowadays you don’t have to be rich or powerful to have your own collection.

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing new behaviours of physical distance and physical isolation upon us.

This new situation is also questioning the use of art in our society in our times.

Following my previous project: Et in Libertalia Ego, I would like to explore this new situations with my artist colleagues and beyond.

The Covid-19 pandemic forces us to keep distance and to be physically isolated.

This such difficult situation question the use and production of art.

With my artists colleagues I thought of an answer through another type of contact and exchange :The Home Made Museum.

The project is to produce, collect, exchange artworks from artists, from home.

The artwork can be the printing of an A4 sheet, the instructions to realise a performance, a score to play, a video, etc.

Each artwork is free and edited at 500 exemplaires.

Each artwork has its own unique Universal Certificate of Authenticity (UCoA) who can be keep, or tansfert for shared or exchanged.

Each week a new artwork will be released here

For that we are using my system for inventory and certification of goods for creators and collectors. (About?)

You just have to be register, the service is free.(How does it work ?)

Then you can download your unique edition, it will go directly to your ‘My collection » account.

Everyone can therefore with this system and project create his own collection.

I want to thanks the artists for their generosity and the friends who help me in this project. It’s a self made and funded project. 

I hope it reflect what artists and artlovers can do with few ressources in such terrible situation.

It s here