Maktab Anbar, Damas, Syria, 2003

How can you discover a city from the outside or how can you rediscover your own city? I do not like the exotic and tourist side of the search for the beautiful image of the capture of beautiful things as if the rest do was ultimately of no importance and when we returned our camera gave us a distorted vision of reality. What interest in the image apart from the journey that allows us to take it, the adventure that brought us to change our references to change our point of view by a subjective point of view. The look no longer matters except that of finding the signs that will continue to move us forward in the city. I choose to wander and « get lost » in Damascus by photographing the doors with the number 23 and following the arrows and the red circles encountered. This becoming the legend of my new cartography. The images only matter to show these signs across the city and the common thread they constitute. The beauty of the image does not matter because it doesn’t here is not the look that is solicited but curiosity, the search for a nowhere , just nomadism in the city by a magic path traced by a few signs.
This path becomes an initiatory path made of new code and new behaviors. But what do other people think at the sight of someone who takes pictures of insignificant things?

In French