Galerieofmarseille  06 mai-13 juin 2009

Dorothy: It seems that we are entering a ‘bad trip’ phase.
Toto: There’s always another side to the dream, the nightmare.

Burn, cut , break, crush, trample, press, , choke, cut up, damage, bend, penetrate, smash, break, tear, pinch, hit, whip, strangle, dismember, suspend, drown, humiliate, inoculate, tear, puncture, electrocute, slice, rape, wrap, cover, dirty, fold, shorten, twist, shave, split, sever, remove, rearrange, open, splash, tie up, smear, hook, hang, grasp, tighten, discard, pierce, tie, bind, mark, disintegrate, stretch, spray, force, systematize

That is what is between the walls of our consciousness.
Here and at this moment, is the experience: the knowledge of tools and their misappropriation. Our imagination performs these misappropriations. What is frightening is our mind’s ability to project inhumane situations.  But what is even scarier is our ability to turn a nightmare into a reality.
We are both victim and executioner, executioner and victim, and we always play the same scene.
Here and a moment later is the witnessing.
The witnessing is no longer based on the picture, but the experience of what has been seen and imagined. This nightmare is not for sale, nor photographed or filmed. It exists for itself – a reflection of our lowest instincts. The picture, this time does not absolve us. We will not leave the scene of the crime by looking elsewhere.

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