A-droyx, 2016->in progress
Et In Libertalia Ego, 2009->2015
SYS*11 AKA The Spiral, around the world since 2003
Inhuman sculptures, since 2009
UBïQ: a Mental Odyssey, 2006-2008
Eternal Garden, Back to Zhong Guo – Fools Move Mountains, Nanling, Chine, 2005
Systems, 1996-2006
6.43, Glow, Los Angeles, USA, 2013
Bad Trip, Galerieofmarseille,France 2009
In Memorial of  Albert Hofmann, Anne+, Ivry sur seine, France 2009
Derriére le monde flottant, 2003
EL Moulk Liillah, Artists in Town, Maktab Anbar, Damas, Syria, 2003